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Your energy saving light bulbs may be damaging your skin

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Your energy saving light bulbs may be damaging your skin

Energy saving light bulb sales are on the rise and so is your risk for skin cancer and eye damage but, not all light bulbs generate damaging UV rays. A study performed by New York University shows how various types of light bulbs can produce high, little or no UV radiation.

LED lights don't emit any UV radiation

On average, LED lights will result in a 50-80% decrease in energy usage. Most LED lights will last 10-to-25 times longer than compact fluorescent lights, which do emit damaging UV radiation. Bugs are also not attracted to LED lights at night, which provides an added benefit.

Avoid compact fluorescent lights  

Compact fluorescent lights (CFL bulbs) produce a high amount of UV radiation. Most CFL bulbs have a lack of phosphor coating, which traps UV radiation in the bulb, thus allowing the UV radiation to escape and cause skin and eye damage with the possibility of skin cancer. Fibroblasts cells, which are found in the connective tissue that produces collagen are damaged by the UV radiation found in CFL bulbs.

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